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Offering hope through better eating, living and thinking.

Your Herbal Doc
Synergy Mind & Body Wellness

Synergy Mind & Body Wellness is a health consulting company focusing on total body wellness. Are you longing to live a healthy and peaceful life? Let us provide you with the support and tools you need to fulfill your aspiration.

A New Beginning
Recognizing the significant connection between your mind, body and spirit is the starting point to overall serenity and health. Synergy Mind & Body Wellness offers  personal consultations from the fresh focus of total body wellness. Leslie Shew comes to you, not only with her many years of education across the boundaries of the intellectual disciplines, but also with the passionate results of her own personal journey to serenity and health.

What Synergy Mind & Body Wellness Offers You
Our goal is to lead you on a path that results in a peaceful, healthy life.  We will start by addressing your body's needs and finding out what is causing it to be out of balance. We will look beyond the symptoms and determine underlying issues. Then we will find natural approaches to dealing with both.

Whether you are looking for nutritional guidance, natural supplement education, or someone to coach you through life's many challenges, Synergy Mind & Body Wellness offers the services you need.

Your life is worth living....WELL!

For Appointments Call: 615~579~0467 or email                      

Current Office Hours:  
Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00am-5:00pm

* Phone and Skype apts available

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